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Alternative Treatment

Traditional drug addiction treatment methods are still used in many drug rehab treatment programs. However, new and alternative methods of drug treatment have recently become popular. Many sufferers of drug and alcohol dependency in Mississippi and throughout the country are now benefiting from participation in alternative addiction treatment courses that offer a wider variety of treatment options and involve rehab patients in interesting and enjoyable activities.

What is Alternative Addiction Treatment?

Medical professionals and addiction experts have developed and adapted therapy methods that take advantage of the patient’s creative impulses and interests. These programs were not developed in opposition to traditional methods of treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Traditional counseling is still widely used at Mississippi treatment centers to help recovering addicts. These newer forms of addiction treatment may be used as either supplements or alternatives to one-on-one and group counseling programs.

The following methods of addiction therapy have increased in popularity and present rehab patients with new and interesting treatment options:

Music Therapy

Patients who have musical talent or who have expressed a love for music may benefit from enrollment in a music therapy program. Music therapy encourages its participants to create music by singing and playing instruments. This form of therapy is designed to help the patient access his or her creative powers. By doing so, the patient can channel his or her energy in a constructive direction.


Restorative Yoga

Yoga is a centuries-old practice that involves physical exercises designed to increase the practitioner’s flexibility and strength. Participants in yoga therapy practice breathing exercises and physical poses that help restore energy to the body. Yoga is also designed to help focus the mind and promotes calmness and relaxation. Restorative yoga is a good treatment option for rehab patients who have expressed a desire to restore their physical strength and to fight against fatigue, which is a common symptom of drug and alcohol addiction and withdrawal.


Equine Therapy

This form of drug treatment therapy places rehab patients in contact with horses. Horses are sensitive animals, and they are proven to have a calming effect on humans. Patients participating in equine therapy programs visit horse farms, where they are able to pet, groom, guide, and ride horses with the assistance of horse experts. Equine therapy is a suitable treatment option for rehab patients who have an affinity for animals or for the outdoors.



The ancient practice of acupuncture derives from Chinese medical tradition. The acupuncturist lightly inserts fine-tipped needles into specific points in the patient’s skin. By rotating and lightly vibrating these needles in various ways, the acupuncturist is able to redirect the flow of qi, described as a metaphysical force within the body, to promote the patient’s health.

Acupuncture has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions for centuries, and addiction is one of the conditions that this method may be able to treat. Acupuncture may be an effective treatment method for patients who have expressed an interest in traditional forms of medicine.

Benefits of Alternative Drug Therapy Treatment

Alternative forms of drug therapy offer the rehab patient with a great variety of treatment options. Alternative therapy is also useful in the context of aftercare. When the patient leaves rehab, it is vital that he continue to attend some form of therapy in order to control urges to return to drug use. If the patient gains an interest in yoga, music, or another form of art or physical exercise as a result of his drug treatment experience, this new interest may act as an effective form of aftercare and can play an important role in preventing the patient from relapsing into old patterns of drug or alcohol abuse.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact a Mississippi drug treatment center as soon as possible to learn about available alternative treatment options.